Double Cover (Ebako Versace And Jovi Devil No Di Sleep)


Les Paroles de "Double Cover (Ebako Versace And Jovi Devil No Di Sleep)" par SKIEZY AYENKEA

Album: (Single)

Année: 2017




I flow on any beat like say I b river nile
I'm on a journey so ma man just calculate da mile
Dey wanna test me but I know the truth...they no get bile
I need to buy a new watch cus dey been wasting my time
The way to success is on a ladder so I gotta climb
Most of dem are doubting my grind but I don't give a dime
Just be watching my action dis one na pantomime
I Don Di sawa for their mop oboy I b na lime
Being the best in dis game I swear say ei b na crime
Most of them be claiming theirs kings without a crown
Meanwhile most of their verses sound to me like clown
I'm just here to bring some changes cus I know it's time

(Bridge 2x)
Ven matti mo nji nyan
Ven a Lea moo leayin nji nyang
Eim skiezy Ayenkea
Aa yoo yi moomi (hahaha)
Ven matti mo nji nyan
Ven a Lea moo leayin nji nyang
Eim skiezy Ayenkea
Aa yoo yi moomi (hahaha)

Men dem no want sow but they only want for reap
Every time I cover a song men dem di trip
While I dey Di work so hard them dey Di sleep
And I no fit pay for their rhymes ei over cheap
Ma flow Don Di contaminate them dey on drip
Nothing can pull me down I dey on speed
Me I nodi follow me crowd I no be sheep
Anything dem put on ma way me I Di skip
Me I Don Di read dem for long... I just Di flip....
You Di find me ma man u need to dig....
Why u dey Di gossip around me i preach....
De reason why I'm still in dis game is just to teach....
Most of them behind ure back dem b na snitch...
Acting like dem care but dey fuck up like a bitch
Ready to eat them all so bring da dish
I dont care bout this niggaz but just to be rich

Get my name out ya mouth though
If devil nodi sleep then why God go sleep hein (2x)

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