Chymn chymns keys keys backdoor open
I got the callers tune we fart in phases
Like roaches after bomb stink like piss
I got the passions filling up far far away clean not sketchy
Paper walk city borders far away mi to rome got blood spilled
Trinna hit da boy with the pussy play away 12 secs of bet nigga mudda 1
She was stoned fo dem heats came in
Stack a puch fo dem stacks up
Presidential state in the balkans peeling scales off the slate
Loaded bakeries trappers baking fair play fuck play got it toasted
Y'all at not barin' got bitched in the bitch
Y'all at ain't barin' got bitched in the bitch

Like a pancake i'm fried
Not a challenge gimme a god
Nothin' the same she came the same
She knows you know my location
Poetry for majors i got it novice
Pass is skinny mama got me swine fed
Yh fly pig wings harmonix
Charge up time hilarious anything goes you might just blink

Da butcher with spades off the stage
No sympathy timelime cutting cakes
Word on the streets got to watch out where the players at –
Grease da shit up lemme put this in like the bearings
Master minds in common sense lay man got it
Picasso got it right so is he down the street
I rock a chain fo i was d whipper
Got u a decade fo dem dreamview
Man no di hustle na chop if lucky na blessing oboi da wan na chop

Fo i met dem iron birds we was pushing dem damn tires
Please call her friends lets get drunk in the scope on heat sink no red spots --
How many so many worth how many not many im how many?
Artic lake thats y ma heart cold
Got mi da god tattoo life stained in Mozart colors
Billy jean belly jean booty jean james bond show
Plse can i pre-brag I've been pre-taxed
If time is a bullet i see it in canons

All looking for revenge
All summer 90s
All winter 90s
Playing njangi not clean
Out in front of ma's condo
Looking like a damn football team
All repping one thing
Looking for